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Arsine Generator - USP Type

Arsine Generator - USP Type

Designed for arsenic determination by the silver diethyldithiocarbramate photometric method. Meets A.P.H.A standard 104A, ACS/USP and EPA specifications. Fabricated from borosilicate glass. Joint in 125mL & 250mL, ball and socket joint between absorber and scrubber is 12/2. Complete unit includes clamp.

Catalog Number Description Price Qty Action
CS-A0015250A Absrorber Only
CS-A0015250S Scrubber Only
CS-A0029150 Arsine Generator - USP Type, complete with 125mL flask and 24/40 joint
CS-A0029250 Arsine Generator - USP Type, complete with 250mL flask and 24/40 joint
CS-C0S610-12 Arsine Generator - USP Type, Pinch Clamp #12
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