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Airfree Schlenk



Distillation, Adapters

Drying Tube

Flow Control



Thermometer or Inlet

Vacuum - Adapters

Arsine Generator

Arsenic Limit Test - As Per Japanese Pharmacopeia

Arsine Generator - USP Type

Arsine Generator - USP Type (Improved Version)

Arsine Generator- European Pharmacopeia Method 2.4.2


Heavy Duty, Low Form, Graduated

Jacketed Reaction Beaker

PTFE Beakers

Standard Wall, Griffin Low Form, Double Scale, Graduated

Standard Wall, Tall Form, with Spout, Graduated

Plastic Beakers


Alcohol Burner Bottle

BOD Bottle

Boston Round Glass Bottles

Bottle, Gas Washing

Bottles Reagent, Narrow Mouth

Dropping Bottles

Glass Media/Storage Bottles

Pycnometers Gay - Lussac, Calibrated

Wash Bottles


Automatic Burettes with Bottle, Class A

Automatic Self Zeroing Burette With PTFE Key

Burette, Educational Grade

Glass Burette with PTFE Key Stopcock, Class A

Hempel Gas Burette

Micro-Precision Burettes with PTFE Key Stopcock, Class A


Bunsen Burner

Bunsen Burner, Adjustable

Bunsen Burner, Micro

Bunsen Burner, Pilot Flame

Bunsen Burner, With Stopcock

Burner Meker Economy

Burner Tirrill

Burner Tube

Burner With Flame Stabilizer

Burner, High Temperature

Burner, Natural Gas

Flame Spreader

Hooded Gas Lighter

Meker Burner

Meker Burner, Heavy Base

Standard Bunsen Burner

Teclu Burner

Caps and Closures

Caps and Septa for Chromatography Vials

Caps, Solid, GL- 45 Threads, Polypropylene Color Caps

GL Caps With Aperture

High Temperature Caps, Solid, PBTE, PTFE Seals

Phenolic Caps

Polypropylene Caps

Pouring Rings, GL-45, Polypropylene

Silicone Sealing Rings for GL Threads


Chromatography Columns

Chromatography Flow Control Adapter

Chromatography Reservoir

Chromatography, Purge Sampler, Fritted

Chromatography, Rodaviss Joint, Flow Control Adapter

Chromatography, Rodaviss Joint, Reservoir

Disposable Cleanup/Drying Chromatography Columns

Specialty Glass Column/Drying Column With Reservoir

Sprayer, TLC Chromatography

Chromatography Analytical

Solid Phase Extraction (SPE)

Cold Test

Cold Test Cloud and Pour Points Jars

Column Distillation

Column, Distilling

Column, Distilling, Vacuum Jacketed

Column, Distilling, Vigreux

Column, Distilling, Vigreux, Jacketed

Column Packing Material

Beads, Solid Glass

Glass Helices


Condenser West

Condenser, Allihn

Condenser, Coiled

Condenser, Cold Finger, With Drip Tip

Condenser, Davies

Condenser, Dewar, Micro, 105°

Condenser, Dewar, Micro, 180°

Condenser, Graham

Condenser, Internal Coil, Jacketed

Condenser, Liebig

Condenser, Reflux

Condenser, Reflux, Bent 105°

Condenser, Reflux, Jacketed Coil

Condenser, Reflux, Large Cooling Capacity



Porcelain - High Form

Porcelain - Low (Wide) Form


Bumper Guard, Plastic

Cylinders, Mixing, To Contain (TC)

Cylinders, Soil Suspension, ASTM-AASHO

Cylinders, To Deliver (TD), Single Metric Scale, With Bumper Guard, Plastic Hexagonal Base

Graduated Measuring Cylinders, Class A

Hydrometer Cylinders

Nessler Cylinder

Tap Density Cylinder

Measuring Cylinder, PP


Dessicator With Lid, Plain

Dessicator With Lid, Vacuum


Dishes, Crystallizing, Without Spout

Evaporating Dishes, Porcelain

Petri Dishes



Apparatus for the Determination of Distillation Range - European Pharmacopoeia 5.0

Congealing Temperature Apparatus

Distillation Receiver for oils lighter than water

Distillation Receiver, Moisture Test, Dean - Stark

Distilling Bulb, Kugelrohr

Distilling Receiver, Graduated, With Hooks

Distilling Receivers, Moisture Test, Bidwell-Sterling

Essential Oil Determination Apparatus



Equipment (Laboratory)


Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer

Vortex Mixer

Evaporation Apparatus

Adapter, Distillation Trap

Rotary, Evaporator, Bump Trap Anti Climb

Rotary, Evaporator, Bump Trap Anti-Splash, Modified

Rotary, Evaporator, Bump Trap, Anti-Splash

Rotary, Evaporator, Bump Trap, Anti-Splash With Fritted Disc

Rotary, Evaporator, Bump Trap, Fritted

Extractor Soxhlet

Condenser, For Soxhlet Extractors

Extractor, Liquid-Liquid, Continuous

Extractor, Soxhlet

Filtration Apparatus

Disposable Vacuum Filtration Apparatus

Duraware Microfiltration Apparatus, 90mm

Duraware Microfiltration with Fritted Glass support and GL 45

Microfiltration Apparatus, 25mm

Microfiltration Apparatus, 47mm

Filtration Products

Disposable Vacuum Filtration Apparatus

Filter Papers

Glass Microfiber Filters, Binder-Free

Membrane Filters

Syringe Filters


Combustion Flask

Erlenmeyer Flasks

Evaporation / Recovery Flasks

Filtering / Vacuum Flasks

Flask, Distillation

Flat Bottom Flasks

Iodine Flasks

Kjeldahl Flasks

Kohlrausch Volumetric Flasks

Pear Shape Flasks

Quartz Volumetric Flask

Round Bottom Flasks

Schlenk Tube Flasks

TLG® Flasks for Determining Phosphoric Acid in Fertilizer

Volumetric Flasks

Flask, PP





Filter/Filtration Tube


Pressure Equalizing


Gas Dispersion Tube

Gas Dispersion Tube, Fritted

Gas Dispersion Tube, Fritted, 15° Angle

Gas Dispersion Tube, Fritted, 90° Angle

Gas dispersion, Fritted Cylinder

Glass Blowing Supplies

Cones, Single Joint

Glassblowers Hose Connections

Glassblowers Hose Connections-Direct Sealing

Removable Hose Connections, GL Threads

Sockets, Single Joint

Spherical Joints, Ball Members

Spherical Joints, O-Ring Ball

Spherical Joints, Polished Cup (Socket) Members

Tube With Threads, GPI

Glassware For Petrolium Industry

Emulsion / Cylinder Tubes


Nitrile Gloves

High Vacuum Valve


Teflon®, High Vacuum Valve

Isokinetic Sampling Glassware

Bottles - Isokinetic Sampling Glassware



Filter Assembly

HAP Trap

Impinger Insert

Probe Liner

XAD Trap

Laboratory Paper

Lens Paper

pH Indicator Paper

Labware Materials

PTFE Boiling Stones

Lamps - Detector

Long Life Deuterium Lamps for HPLC

Liquid Handling

Dispenser - Bottle Top


TLG® Pipette Controller

Metal Lab Ware

Alloy Test Tube & Thermometer Holder

Beaker Tong

Bosshead, Black Plated Finish

Circular Support Platforms With Bosshead

Closed Ring Retort Support With Bosshead

Conical Head Clips (s/s)

Crucible Tongs, Stainless Steel, Bowed Type

Crucible Tongs, Stainless Steel, Straight Type

Dish Forcep

Double Burette Clamp (Alloy)

Electrode Stand With Swivel Arm

Extension Clamp

Flexible Clamp With Rotatable Bosshead

Hoffman Tubing Clip

Laboratory Forcep

Laboratory Jacks

Medical Spoon

Metal Standard Taper Clips

Mohr Tubing Clip (spring steel)

O-Ring, Viton®

Open Ring Retort Support

Open Ring Retort Support With Bosshead

Rectangular Retort Stand Base

Retort Stand Base, with Metal Sheet (Stainless Steel)


Spherical Joint Pinch Clamps


Spoon/Grooved Spatulas


Spring Tubing Clamps

Suspension Clamp

Swivel Clamp

Teasing Needle

Test Tube & Thermometer Swivel Holder (Alloy)

Thermometer Extension Clamp

Thermometer Swivel Clamp

Three Finger Clamps

Three Finger Double Adjust Swivel Clamp (large)

Three Finger Double Adjustment Clamp

Tripod Retort Stand Base

Tripod, Circular Top (Stainless Steel)

Tripod, Triangular Top (Stainless Steel)

Two Prong Extension Clamps (Medium)

Two Prong Extension Clamps (Small)

Wire Gauze Squares

Microscopy Consumables

Cover Glass

Glass Slides

Mortar and Pestle

Mortar and Pestle, Agate

Mortar and Pestle, Glass

Mortar and Pestle, Porcelain

Peptide Synthesis Vessel

Peptide Synthesis Vessel, Solid Phase

Peptide Synthesis Vessel, Solid Phase, T-Bore PTFE Stopcock

Peptide Synthesis Vessel, Solid Phase, T-Bore, Vacuum

Vessel, With Lower Joint And T-Bore PTFE Plug


Disposable Borosilicate Glass Pasteur Pipets

Pipette Volumetric, With One Mark, Clear, Class A

Pipette Volumetric, With One Mark, Low Actinic Amber, Class A

Pipette Volumetric, With Two Marks, Clear, Class A

Pipette, Measuring (Mohr) Class A, Color-Coded, with Colored Markings, To Deliver

Pipette, Serological, Class A, Color-Coded, with Colored Markings, To Deliver

Plastic Lab Ware

Bottles, Plastic

Carboy, With Handles

Carboy, With Spigot

Centrifuge Tubes

Conical Head Keck Clips


Disposable Pasteur Pipette - LDPE

Flask, PP

Funnel, PP

Measuring Cylinder, PP

Multi Purpose Racks

Pipette Tips

Plain and Vacuum Dessicator

Plastic Beakers

Plastic Test Tubes and Vials

Scoop, PP

Wash Bottles

Platinum Labware


Combustion Flask, Stoppers with Platinum Sample Carriers

Pressure Vessel

Pressure Vessel, Heavy Wall, Cylindrical Vessel

Pressure Vessel, Heavy wall, Round Bottom Vessel

Quartz Labware-Fused

Beakers- Low Form

Beakers- Tall Form

Boiling Flasks With Standard Taper Outer Joint

Distilling Flasks

Erlenmeyer Flasks

Erlenmeyer Flasks with Standard Taper Outer Joint

Evaporating Dishes

Fused Quartz - Opaque

Kjeldahl Flasks

Quartz Crucibles

Quartz Volumetric Flask

Round Dishes

Test Tubes With Lip

Rubber Ware

Filter Adapters

Rubber Bulbs, Natural For Pasteur Pipettes

TLG® Safety Bulb Pipet Filler

Solvent Still

Distilling Heat, Solvent

Solvent Still Head

Solvent Still Head, With Teflon® Stopcock

Solvent Still, Built - In Condenser

Solvent Still, High Vacuum Valves

Solvent Still, Repurification (Grease-Free)

Solvent Still, With High Vacuum Valves

Stirrer Consumables

Magnetic Stirring Bar

Soft Glass Stirring Rods


Glass Stopcocks

Teflon® Stopcocks


Barrel Head Stoppers

Cork Stoppers

Neoprene Stoppers

Polyethylene Stoppers

Rubber Stopper

Septum Stoppers, Sleeve Type, Septa

Stopper, Amber Glass, Flask Length, Penny Head

Stopper, Cap Design

Stopper, Glass, Flask Length, Penny Head

Stopper, Penny-Head, Glass, Hollow

Stopper, Penny-Head, Glass, Solid

Stopper, Plastic, Flask Length

Stopper, PTFE

Stopper, PTFE, Flask Length

Stopper, Spherical, Penny Head

Stopper, With #15 O-Ring Joint



Sublimator, With 2mm Glass Stopcock


Thermometer, Non-Mercury

Thermometers, ASTM - Calibrated

Thermometers, ASTM - Non-Calibrated


Capillary Tubes

Centrifuge Tubes

Culture Tubes

Digestion Tube

Evaporation Tubes

Gas Measuring Tubes

NMR Tube Washer

Pear Shape Centrifuge Tubes

Tube Connecting



Trap Vacuum


Chromatography Vials

Glass Vials

Watch Glass

Weighing Consumables

Aluminum Weighing Dishes

Polystyrene Weighing Dishes

Weighing Bottles

Weighing Funnel

Weighing Paper

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