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Filter Vials

Filter Vials


Sample preparation is more affordable and may be finished more quickly with the TLG Filter Vial.

TLG Filter Vials are quick, effective, and user-friendly one-step sample preparation equipment that combines a membrane, cap, lid, and self-sampling device with precut septa.

The liquid is spread by applying pressure to force the inner insert through the membrane after it has been added to the outer vial.

TLG filter vials are ready for autosampler loading following sample filtration.



This device comprises an external vial and an internal insert with a membrane chamber and preslit septa cap. 

It also provides a ready-to-use sample following filtration. 

A pre-slitted snap cap facilitates a clean and easy sample transfer. 

It reduces waste by replacing the syringe, syringe filter, glass vial, and cap. 

It enhances sample integrity with an all-in vial and filter. 

It is compatible with the majority of auto-samplers and multi-compressors. 



Analytical sample preparation, HPLC

Analytical sample preparation, uHPLC

Biological research


Clarification of aqueous solutions and organic solvents

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