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Ordering / Returns / Terms of Use

Terms of Use: ChemScience Inc reserves the right to cancel and/or issue a refund on any order(s) due to pricing error(s).


1. Acceptance

Chem Science Inc ("Seller” or “Chem Science Inc") is engaged in the business of manufacturing and distribution of Laboratory Glassware and consumables to its customers. By using Seller's products or services, you (the "Customer") agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions which together with any purchase order executed by Chem Science Inc and the Customer, comprises the entire agreement ("Agreement") between Chem Science Inc and the Customer. Any provisions contained in any document issued by Buyer are expressly rejected and if the terms and conditions in this Agreement differ from the terms of Buyer’s offer, this document shall be construed as a counter offer and shall not be effective as an acceptance of Buyer’s document. Buyer’s receipt of Products or Seller’s commencement of the services provided hereunder will constitute Buyer’s acceptance of this Agreement. This is the complete and exclusive statement of the contract between Seller and Buyer with respect to Buyer’s purchase of the Products. No waiver, consent, modification, amendment or change of the terms contained herein shall be binding unless in writing and signed by Seller and Buyer. Seller’s failure to object to terms contained in any subsequent communication from Buyer will not be a waiver or modification of the terms set forth herein. All orders are subject to acceptance in writing by an authorized representative of Seller.


2. Rates/Prices/Discounts

Prices in our online catalog and printed material are list prices. They are current at the time of posting/printing. All prices quoted by Seller or Seller’s representatives are valid for thirty (30) days, unless otherwise stated in writing. All prices for Products will be as specified by Seller or, if no price has been specified or quoted, will be Seller’s price in effect at the time of shipment. Please call for your discount. 
NOTE:  All prices online or in printed material are subject to change without notice.


3. Payment Terms

Seller may invoice Buyer upon shipment for the price and all other charges payable by Buyer in accordance with the terms herein. If no payment terms are stated on the face hereof, payment shall be net thirty (30) days from the date of invoice. If Buyer fails to pay any amounts when due, Buyer shall pay Seller interest thereon at a periodic rate of one and one-half percent (1.5%) per month (or the highest rate permitted by law), together with all costs and expenses (including without limitation reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs) incurred by Seller in collecting such overdue amounts or otherwise enforcing Seller’s rights hereunder. Seller reserves the right to require from Buyer full or partial payment in advance if Seller believes in good faith that Buyer’s financial condition does not justify the terms of payment specified. All payments shall be made in Canadian Dollars, unless otherwise specified. Chem Science Inc accepts payment by Visa, MasterCard and American Express.


4. Sales Tax/Goods and Services Tax

Sales, as well as goods and services taxes, where applicable (local, provincial or federal), will be added to the invoice price. If you are exempt from sales taxes, please be sure to provide the proper documentation at the time of ordering.


5. Specifications

Photographs and illustrations in this website/catalog represent the products as described in the text and as specified by the dimensions provided. Chem Science Inc reserves the right to modify or change these specifications if warranted without prior notice.


6. Warranty

Chem Science Inc will replace any product found to be defective or not in conformance with published specifications. Chem Science Inc makes no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the suitability of any merchandise for any specific use and shall not be held liable for any direct or indirect loss resulting from the use and handling of this merchandise nor for consequential damages.


7. Damage/Breakage/Shortage/Errors/Returns

Packages must be checked for accuracy upon receipt. ANY issues must be reported to Chem Science Inc within 10 business days of delivery date to ensure proper resolution. Please follow the below instructions and contact our Customer Service department ( immediately to resolve any issues. Have your Purchase Order/Reference Number and our Package ID available to expedite the process. 



KEEP ALL PACKING MATERIALS intact for possible inspection by carrier. Submit pictures of damage and carton(s) to Customer Service at for review.



Inspect packing material closely as small items may be overlooked.  If an item is missing contact Customer Service immediately.


Errors/Returns (i.e., Incorrect, Not as Ordered, Not as Expected, Not as Specified)

Returned items will not be accepted without prior authorization! Failure to do so may result in package refusal.  Please contact Customer Service for instructions. Any item shipped to Chem Science Inc must have prior authorization and display the RMA (Returned Merchandise Authorization) number clearly on the inside and outside of the package and all correspondence. Failure to provide proper package identification may result in refusal of shipment therefore delaying any applicable credit or replacement. Credit for returned item(s) is subject to up to a 25% restocking fee; other fees may apply.


8. Shipments

Most of the items listed are in stock and can be shipped promptly. If an order cannot be fulfilled completely, a partial shipment will be made followed shortly by the backorder shipment. If the order is to be a shipped in its entirety, it should be indicated on your purchase order. Unless otherwise specified, we ship via UPS, Purolator, Dicom, or any other courier as specified by the customer account.


9. Representations

Representations in our catalogs are based on current listings at time of publication. Chem Science Inc makes every effort to keep our website as up to date as possible; however prices are subject to change without notice. We are committed to providing our customers with the most advanced and highest quality products available. We therefore reserve the right to improve or modify product specifications when such a change is warranted.


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