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PS (Poly Styrene) Petri Dishes

PS (Poly Styrene) Petri Dishes

These PS Petri Dishes are suitable for the microbiological application. 1. Vented Petri dishes have elevated lid which allows for good gas  exchange and encourages evaporation 2. This design is useful when the poured dishes are to be used as soon as possible  3. Gamma sterilisation is as per iso1117 norms  4. The design of the dish maintains sterility becausethe particles would have to go up and over the dish wall to get inside which is very rare in normal airflow.  

Catalog Number Description Size Price Qty Action
CS-PS-105 PS Petri dish , size 100x15, sterile 100x15 mm
CS-PS-65 PS petri dish, size 60x15, sterile 60x15 mm
CS-PS-95 PS petri dish, size 90x15mm , sterile 90x15 mm
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