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Round Dishes

Round Dishes

Fused quartz is formed from the melting and refusing of crushed natural crystalline quartz. The low coefficient of thermal expansion of quartz provides excellent stability and resistance to thermal shock over large temperature excursions and wide thermal operating range. Clear Fused quartz round and evaporating dishes are available in many sizes and shapes.  

Catalog Number Description CapacityDiameter(mm)Height Price Qty Action
CS-QRD100 Quartz Round dish, Capacity-100 100 ml100 mm15 mm
CS-QRD120 Quartz Round dish, Capacity-120 120 ml110 mm15 mm
CS-QRD125 Quartz Round dish, Capacity-125 125 ml127 mm15 mm
CS-QRD20 Quartz Round Dish, Capacity: 20 20 ml55 mm15 mm
CS-QRD35 Quartz Round Dish, Capacity: 35 35 ml60 mm15 mm
CS-QRD65 Quartz Round Dish, Capacity: 65 65 ml70 mm15 mm
CS-QRD75 Quartz Round Dish, Capacity: 75 75 ml89 mm15 mm
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