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Hempel Gas Burette

Hempel Gas Burette

Hempel Gas Buret, made of borosilicate glass, available in two sizes, 50mL and 100mL with subdivisions of 1/10 mL and 2/10 mL. It has a straight stem at the top and a bent 90° angle stem at the bottom.

Catalog Number Description CapacitySub DivisionTolerance Price Qty Action
CS-8525-50 Hempel Gas Buret 50mL, Subdivision 1/10 mL , Tolerance ± 0.05mL 50 ml1/10 ml0.05 ml
CS-8525-100 Hempel Gas Buret 100mL, Subdivision 2/10 mL , Tolerance ± 0.1mL 100 ml2/10 ml0.1 ml
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