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Filtration Extraction Thimbles - Grade 649 Glass Fiber

Filtration Extraction Thimbles - Grade 649 Glass Fiber

Extraction thimbles made of Glass Fiber, are perfect sample reservoirs for Soxhlet extraction in quality control, research and/or analysis. Ensures complete extraction of samples, prevents contamination and minimize hands-on time.The thimbles fit Soxhlet extractors and automatic extractors.



Used for Soxhlet extractors or automized extractors
Guarantees a thorough extraction
Special selected raw materials
Low contamination and high purity
Effectively shields the extract
Dependable and secure extraction
Strong mechanical properties and superior retention capabilities
Ideal match for a practical workflow
Ideal usability for particular uses



Quantity- 25

Bottom Shape- Round

Wall Thickness- 1 mm

Grade- 649

Sterility- Non-sterile

Description- Filtration Extraction Thimbles - Grade 649 Glass Fibers

Material- Glass Fibers

For Use With (Application)- Pollution monitoring, air sampling, High temperature filtration (up to 500°C), For acid and base solvents

For Use With (Equipment)- Soxhlet extractors or Automated extractors

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