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Nessler Cylinder

Nessler Cylinder

TLG® Nessler cylinder for Color Comparision, Class A, graduated, flat Base.Nessler cylinders are used for comparison of color and turbidity between solutions or as reaction vessels. made of borosilicate glass and graduated to class A standards. include an optically plane bottom still as markings for nominal stroke volume and halfway mark.

Catalog Number Description CapacitySub DivisionTolerance Price Qty Action
143.202.01 Nessler Cylinder, Capacity 50mL, Tolerance ±0.4 50 ml25 to 50 ml0.4 ml
143.202.02 Nessler Cylinder, Capacity 100mL, Tolerance ±0.8 100 ml50 to 100 ml0.8 ml
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