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Arsine Generator - USP Type (Improved Version)

This unit requires less space and set up time, and is easier to clean. The lead acetate-impregnated glass wool is inserted in the 24/40 joint. Glass beads may be added to the absorber tube to enhance the mixing of the generated gas through the silver diethyldithiocarbamate. Supplied with one polyacetal clamp.

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CS-A0015250T Absrorption tube/Scrubber only
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CS-A0024150 Arsine Generator - USP Type (Improved Version), complete with 125mL flask & 24/40 joint
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CS-A0024250 Arsine Generator - USP Type (Improved Version), complete with 250mL flask & 24/40joint
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CS-C0C210-24 Conical Head Keck Clips, Size 24mm, Color Red
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