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5" Led Digital Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer

LED DIGITAL DISPLAY - LED digital display for Easy reading, 3D digital wheel adjustment of speed and temperature.

ENCLOSED HEATING PLATE DESIGN - Enclosed heating plate design reduces the risk of liquid splashing into the equipment. Temperature is up to 310°C and the safety temperature is 50-320°C.

ALUMINIUM ALLOY WITH CERAMIC COATED HOTPLATE - Aluminium alloy with ceramic coated heating plate allows for optimum heat transfer and easy to clean.

AUTOMATICALLY IDENTIFIES TEMPERATURE SENSOR - Double internal temperature sensor PT1000 and one external PT1000. Automatically identifies temperature sensor PT1000 and transfer to PT1000 operation mode.

HIGH SAFETY AND STRONG STIRRING PERFORMANCE - Brushless DC motor is maintenance-free and explosion-proof.

Optimized PID program control provides extremely high accuracy of temperature and speed Stirring positions: 1 Set-up plate dimensions: Ø 135 mm Set-up plate material: Aluminium alloy with ceramic coated Motor type: Brushless DC motor Max. stirring quantity (H2O) [L]: 20 Max. stirring bar [L x Φ, mm]: 55*10 Motor rating input [W]: 30 Motor rating output [W]: 20 Speed range [rpm]: 50-1500 Speed display: LED Heating output [W]: 600 Heating temperature range [°C]: Room temp. - 310 Temperature display: LED Temperature display accuracy [°C]: 0. 1 Safety temperature [°C]: 50-320 External temperature sensor : PT1000 Control accuracy with external temperature sensor PT1000 [°C]: 1 Hot surface warning: 50°C Permissible ambient temperature [°C]: 5 - 40

Permissible relative humidity: 0. 8

Protection class according to DIN EN 60529: IP 42

Voltage [VAC]: 200-240/100-120

Frequency [Hz]: 50/60

Power[W]: 650

Dimensions [W x D x H, mm]: 250 x 148 x 85

Weight: 1. 9 kg

Catalog Number Description SizeTemperature RangeTypeVoltage Price Qty Action
CS-MI00102002 5" LED Digital Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer 135 x 135 mm50-320°C Magentic Hotplate Stirrer 200-240/100-120 VAC Please call 1 (833) 636-7850 for your discount prices
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