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Disposable Pasteur Pipette - LDPE

Disposable Pasteur Pipette - LDPE

  • Soft and Elastic Bulb For Easy Pipetting.
  • US FDA Approved Grade Virgin Polypropylene Plastic Without Any Trace of Metals.
  • Highly Transparent and Clear.
  • Smooth Orifice For Precise Dispensing.
  • Visible External Graduation For Accurate Dispensing.
  • Certified DNase, RNase, Pyrogen, Endotoxin, Human DNA and PCR Inhibitor Free.
  • Comes In Two Variants - 1mL and 3mL

Catalog Number Description Volume Price Qty Action
CS-AP-1-B 1 mL Disposable Pasteur Pipette 1 ML
CS-AP-3-B 3 mL Disposable Pasteur Pipette 3 ML
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