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Scoop, PP

Scoop, PP

  • These scoops used for withdrawal and movement of solids, granulates, gels and other samples. 
  • Round bottom for better use.
  • With precise filling edge and comfortable, stable, and robust handle.
  • Natural in colour.
  • Superior chemical resistance.

Catalog Number Description CapacityLength Price Qty Action
CS-P011901 Scoop, PP, Capacity 10mL, Total Length 100mm 10 ML100 mm
CS-P011902 Scoop, PP, Capacity 25mL, Total Length 135mm 25 ML135 mm
CS-P011903 Scoop, PP, Capacity 50mL, Total Length 160 mm 50 ML160 mm
CS-P011904 Scoop, PP, Capacity 100mL, Total Length 200mm 100 ML200 mm
CS-P011905 Scoop, PP, Capacity 500mL 500 ML
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